Research, Evaluation and Monitoring

Opcit Research is a research, evaluation and monitoring company. These are our specialisms and our passion and run through everything we do. To highlight some examples:

Opcit Research is the Evaluation Coordinator for the Department for Education’s Children’s Social Care Innovation Fund. This is a multi-million pound programme of investment to improve children’s social services through innovation. We oversee the design, monitoring and syntheses of over 50 research projects within the programme. See more information about the programme here.

Opcit Research is working closely with UNFPA and UNICEF to improve the evaluation and monitoring approach for the Joint Programme on Female Genital Mutilation. This involves co-producing an outcomes framework, evaluation and monitoring tools, analytical support and training across East and West Africa.

Opcit Research is currently part of a framework providing sociological and economic research for the European Parliament’s FEMM Committee (Women’s Rights and Gender Equality). Please see examples of our work here.