Opcit Research has conducted a study for the UK’s Home Office, funded by the Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Fund. The study explores risk factors and potential good practice for addressing IPVA amongst young people in high risk contexts such as those who may be affected by gangs. We are currently conducting research to develop practice guidelines on the same issue, again funded by the Home Office. Read the first report here:

Opcit Research is the Evaluation Coordinator for the Department for Education’s Children’s Social Care Innovation Fund. This is a multi-million pound programme of investment to improve children’s social services through innovation. We oversee the design, monitoring and syntheses of over 50 research projects within the programme. For more information about the programme visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/childrens-social-care-innovation-programme

Opcit Research is currently conducting research exploring the causes and consequences of women and girls’ involvement with Boko Haram and similar armed groups, for UN Women. Involving research with affected women and girls, NGOs working in the field and State actors.

Opcit Research is working closely with UNFPA and UNICEF to improve the evaluation and monitoring approach for the Joint Programme on Female Genital Mutilation. This involves co-producing an outcomes framework, evaluation and monitoring tools, analytical support and training across East and West Africa.

Opcit Research is currently evaluating clinics for women who have undergone Female Genital Mutilation, for NHS England. We are conducting impact and process research to learn best practice in helping women who have experienced FGM in the clinical setting.

Opcit Research is currently evaluating an international programme working with mothers to reduce the risk of radicalisation, on behalf of Women without Borders and the US State Department. This has a scoping research component as well as understanding if and how the project impacts on communities.

Opcit Research recently completed research and developed guidance on building capacity within women’s Community and Civil Society organisations in Ukraine for UN Women. This involved a review of current women’s NGOs and community groups as well as institutional and government apparatus for working with civil society. We worked in partnership with the Kharkiv Centre for Gender Studies.

Opcit Research recently conducted a study for the FEMM Committee of the European Parliament on the domestic sexual abuse of girls. Read the report here:

Opcit Research recently conducted a study for the FEMM Committee of the European Parliament on gender balance within the 2019 European Parliament elections. Read the report here.

Opcit Research recently conducted a controlled study on the impacts and cost benefits of an innovative programme to work with vulnerable mothers who have had multiple children taken into state care. Read the research here.